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Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty ®

Aug 27, 2019

First show back in the studio after a bit of a break.... yep... we're still firing on all eight cylinders!

Aug 27, 2019

Are you prepared in the event a disaster strikes and the grocery stores are closed?  As we head into the busy half of the hurricane season, we spoke with Keith Bansemer from My Patriot Supply about the need for Emergency Food Kits for your family.

This was the episode where we tested boozy adult canned drinks you see...

Aug 27, 2019

An odd episode of the show.  We talked about all the very weird and sometimes nasty sounding food mash ups people are restaurants or the food industry... and a younger generation of Americans are eating.  We shared an interview from the FNRN archives about wheat.  If you suffer any type of gut disease, WHEAT could be...

May 19, 2019

The show opened with a huge and important conversation about the ongoing measles outbreak, and what every parent ought to know.

Eventually, we did get around to talking about food... and what nasty stuff is in the cooking oil at restaurants.

We wrapped up the show with this week's Food Nation Radio Taste Test, this...

May 5, 2019

Walk past the frozen food cases and you'll see lots of different frozen burritos.  For our Cinco de Mayo edition of the Food Nation Radio Taste Test, we put four frozen burritos to the test and as you'll hear, some are better than others!

Michael tried each; judging the tortilla, the beans, the refried beans, the...