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Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty ®

Jul 26, 2022

Food and Travel Nation
with Elizabeth Dougherty
Broadcast Date:  7/9/22

Full Show:  More genetic modifications to the food supply are coming, this time to bananas.  What could possibly go wrong?  Another Hollywood star is promoting the consumption of bugs and insects.  In the travel hour, local gas station owners are insulted and furious with the White House for suggesting that THEY are the cause for high gas prices.  You'll hear how one city, (Orlando, Florida) made a mockery of Fourth of July celebrations and insulted those who do still love this country and are not afraid to show it.  As airline cancellations pile up this summer, we look at a possible cause.  SPOILER ALERT.... jabbed pilots who are now physically unable to fly!  We share details of our new RV, and in our Destination Unknown, Elizabeth takes us to  Nantucket Beach, where the woke city council just ruled that it's perfectly okay for women to frolic on the beach... topless!

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