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Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty ®

Mar 26, 2023

Food and Travel Nation
with Elizabeth Dougherty
The TRUTH about Food and Travel
Broadcast Date:  3/25/23

FULL SHOW:  Elizabeth has the latest food & travel news and Server's Revenge, then you'll hear of the BIZARRE plan to put masks on cows.  Elizabeth has the story of a new breed of mosquitos hitting the Florida coast, wait, we thought the GMO Mosquito would cut down on those pests.  Our exclusive taste test put five plant-based burgers on the grill to see if any can compete with a real burger.  In the travel hour, our Airline Debacles highlights the story of a flight from Miami to Philly that turned ugly, you'll hear more about camping in an RV with a cat, and Elizabeth shares the story of how John McAfee urges you to get rid of data stealing apps, and points out who the real culprit is.  Destination Unknown takes us to Fall River, Massachusetts where a BIG Easter Celebration is underway, plus it's a good example of how people from many cultures, countries, and backgrounds can all live together.