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Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty ®

Nov 13, 2023

Food and Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty
The TRUTH about Food and Travel
Broadcast Date:  11/11/2023

FULL SHOW:  Elizabeth has the story of how Americans are standing up and saying NO to foreign ownership of our farmlands and businesses.  This week, you'll hear a focus on Thanksgiving, including side dishes, places to visit, how to make the perfect gravy, and our taste test zooms in on frozen pumpkin pies.  In the travel hour, a look at how airports and the CDC are cooperating in a new round of in-depth health screenings at the airport.  What's really going on here, and why are they targeting airline passengers for such enhanched health screenings?  You'll hear how we tracked down and fixed an electrical problem in the RV saving us time and money, and Elizabeth takes us to Sleepy Hollow, New York.  October and November come alive in this quaint New England village.


About the show:  Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty is the fusion of food and travel. This fresh, compelling nationally-syndicated weekend program includes information for homesteading, traveling, gardening, taste tests, and in a twist, listeners hear what restaurant servers say about customers.

  • Each week our listeners get the very latest food and travel information
  • We produce homemade videos of healthy, easy to make recipes
  • We feature no-holds barred interviews in a LIVE, fast-paced, nationwide call-in show.
  • Elizabeth Dougherty is a writer, trained chef, world traveler and now an award-winning talk show host.
  • Food Nation Radio was on the forefront of presenting expert guests with vital information about GMOs, at a time when no one was talking about or even knew about the subject.
  • We give our listeners, advertisers and stations a LIVE SHOW. (NO “BEST OF’S” EVER!)
  • We present hard-hitting topics and interviews without the same old political spin.
  • We are very social media conscious and stay in touch with our audience. (200,000 plus)
  • We work closely with advertisers and stations to ensure their success.