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Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty ®

Jun 8, 2022

Food and Travel Nation
with Elizabeth Dougherty
Broadcast Date:  11/3/2021

From the Food And Travel Nation Archives:  

After all these years of westward and southern growth, "The Big Apple" is still the largest city in America.  It was New York Harbor (the one with that statue) that welcomed millions of immigrants.  It's the city that once represented the very ideal of American freedom and hope.  Even today, it's a city of fine art and classical music.  New York is a city that loves to eat and features both refined and diverse tastes.  It's the epitome of restaurants, from world class five star dining to sidewalk cafes and street vendors. It's a city that supports their sports teams, win or lose. And it's a city that has suffered devastating loss, then rebuilt itself time and time again.

So it's almost unimaginable that New York City, the birthplace of pizza restaurants in America finished in second place in a pizza contest in 2018.  To the chagrin of proud New Yorkers everywhere, (including the host of this radio program) it was a pizza restaurant in the contemptable city of Boston that took the crown.

The Results Are In - Boston Beats NYC for Best Pizza

Trip Advisor's "Best Pizzeria in America" contest selected Regina Pizzeria in North Boston as the winner, beating out Greenwich Village's Bleeker Street Pizza.

Food and Travel Nation's Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with corporate executive chef Louis Hubbel of Regina Pizzeria about their victory.  As you'll discover, the best pizza in America starts with the right ingredients, but then listen to the special care given to those ingredients.  And while the Chef is usually the one to hold up the award, he's quick to point out that their win was a team effort.

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