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Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty ®

Nov 29, 2021

Destination Unknown
Tour Date:  10/17/20
Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, MA

Elizabeth takes us to what's now a quaint New England bread and breakfast located at 230 2nd Street in Fall River, MA.  From 1874-1892 this modest, two story home served as the home of Andrew and Abby Borden.  Mr. and Mrs. Borden's two adult daughters lived in the home with them; Emma and Lizzie.  On the morning of August 4, 1892 Andrew and Abby were found brutally murdered.  Lizzie was accused, tried, and acquitted of the crime that as never solved.  Are you brave enough to spend a night at the Borden Home Bed & Breakfast?

Food and Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty 
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