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Food And Travel Nation with Elizabeth Dougherty ®

Oct 31, 2023

with Elizabeth Dougherty
The TRUTH about Food and Travel
Broadcast Date:  10/30/2023

We're told that "foreign aid" is sent from the US taxpayers to provide humanitarian relief for the locals, but is this true?  Food and Travel Nation visited The Bahamas and we saw what appears to be TWO very different nations.  On one side of the island, (the one seen by tourists) you'll see an advanced system of infrastructure  with modern transportation, hotels, casinos and restaurants, along with a very high standard of living.  Yet in the shadows of those buildings and sitting alongside the same beautiful, crystal clear blue-green water, you'll also extreme poverty, evidenced by the shanty houses with blue tarps instead of roofs, crumbling streets, abandoned cars, and buildings damaged by previous hurricanes.  So what is the truth?  Is the "foreign aid" sent to help people actually helping those in need, or is the money being used to create an illusion to prop up the tourism industry?

Be sure to visit our "scrap book" page for photos of our trip to The Bahamas.


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Executive Producer – Michael Serio